Suspended Ceiling Insulation

Suspended Ceiling Insulation

Suspended ceilings are a popular choice for office spaces. However, it is common for there to be a large void between the suspended ceiling and the roof space – this can be up to 6 metres. If this void is not insulated, heat will rise into this area unnecessarily. Suspended ceiling insulation will dramatically reduce this heat loss and keep the heat in the area where it is required.

Suspended ceiling insulation will significantly improve your property’s working environment, as well as greatly improving the energy efficiency of the building. Plus, you will see your heating bills decrease because the property won’t require as much heating to reach and maintain a comfortable temperature.  

Solarwall have insulated properties since 1977. We are members of the National Insulation Association, the InstaGroup, and the Snug Network.

Key Benefits

  • Improved levels of warmth and comfort. Insulating a suspended ceiling will allow your building to retain heat better, providing a much warmer and more comfortable working environment.
  • Fuel bill savings. Your building will require much less heating to reach and maintain a comfortable temperature, so you can expect to see a reduction in fuel bills.
  • Improves your property’s energy efficiency and lowers its carbon footprint Reducing the amount of heating your building requires will have the subsequent effect of reducing your carbon emissions and improving the energy efficiency and EPC rating of your property.

How it works

One of our preferred insulation methods when dealing with suspended ceilings is to use insulation pads (or bagged insulation) above the tiles of the suspended ceiling, which is quick to install and a particularly efficient insulation method. Due to the nature of the bags, they will not intervene with nearby electrics (i.e. lights) and can be moved as necessary to accommodate any electrical works that may occur. Installing fibre insulation above a suspended ceiling can be a messy process, which is eliminated by using the bagged insulation, and thermal performance will not be compromised.

Another method of insulating a suspended ceiling, which we implemented when working for York St. John University, is to use "Space Blanket" insulation. Again, the fibre is contained - in this case, in a silver foil lining - to prevent particles drifting through the gaps in the ceiling.

If you are interested in suspended ceiling insulation or require more information, please contact us - you can speak to one of our Energy Team, who are trained to offer you the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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