Solar Thermal Panels


Lower your business's fuel bills and claim Renewable Heat Incentive payments by producing your own hot water with solar thermal panels.

Key Benefits

  • Fuel bill savings. Solar thermal systems reduce hot water costs because their heating source - the sun - is a free resource. These systems offer savings of up to 60% on hot water needs and 20% on fuel bills.
  • Qualifies for Renewable Heat Incentive payments. This means you will receive payments for each kWh of heated water the panels generate.
  • Preserves the environment. Switching to solar energy helps to reduce CO2 emissions and keep our air clean.
  • Established, low-maintenance technology. 
  • Work alongside the majority of heating systems.

 How does it work?

Solar thermal systems use a number of panels, known as "collectors", that are usually fitted to a roof.  A collector is generally part of a sealed system filled with an antifreeze mixture or heat transfer fluid. The heat transfer fluid circulates through the collector, round the system, through a coil in the cylinder or thermal store and back to the collector once more. When exposed to daylight, a solar collector heats up to temperatures significantly above the ambient air temperature.  This heat is absorbed by the heat transfer fluid, which is then transported to the coil where the heat is transferred to the water in the cylinder or store. The cooled heat transfer fluid is then returned to the collector to be heated again.

Solar thermal systems are available from £4,999; according to your preference, we can install panels from Solfex, Genersys and Vaillant.

Thermal Stores for greater capacity

A thermal store is a large capacity cylinder, which can act as a reservoir for heat from a number of sources (solar thermal systems, conventional boilers, heat pumps etc.) supplying domestic hot water and/or heating systems. The store includes a range of input/output connections allowing the integration of a number of systems in a simple and effective manner.  

If you have any questions about solar thermal panels, our Frequently Asked Questions page may be of help to you.

If you are interested in solar thermal panels or require more information, please contact us - you can speak to one of our Energy Team, who are trained to offer you the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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