Solar iBoost - Solar Immersion Diverter

Maximise the use of the solar energy generated by your panels

Turn your solar photovoltaic system into a solar hot water system with an immerSUN - an automatic power controller for heaters. An immerSUN diverts the surplus energy generated by your solar photovoltaic panels to heat your water using your immersion heater.

Key Benefits


As you can see from the image on the right, comparing an immerSUN to an inverter, immerSUNs are very compact. 

How they work

An immerSUN detects how much power is being exported to the grid and directs this power to your immersion heater, ensuring all of your green energy is fully utilised. It does this automatically and often when you are not occupying your house and are therefore not making use of your electricity.

immerSUNs are compatible with all inverters, smart meters and energy monitoring systems. As they are a modulating device, they will not allow your heating source to import energy from the grid unless you use the built-in boost feature. Once an immerSUN is switched on it can be left alone and will constantly measure the amount of power being exported from your house, and divert it.

If you are interested in an immerSUN or require more information, please contact us - you can speak to one of our Energy Team, who are trained to offer you the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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