Attic Room Insulation

Attic Room Insulation

With the value of homes rising constantly, a loft conversion is a clever way to expand your floor space and utilise space already belonging to your property, and insulating this area will ensure the most comfortable living environment. Attic room insulation ensures warmer rooms in winter and cooler, more comfortable rooms in summer.

Key Benefits

  • Fuel bill reduction. Your fuel bills will be lowered as you will need to heat your home much less.
  • Meets building regulations. For your loft conversion to meet UK building regulations, and be considered a room in your home, it must meet the minimum amount of insulation decided by the UK government. This is important for selling your home.
  • Improved levels of comfort. An insulated home is warmer and cosier.  Loft insulation helps to keep out draughts.
  • Keeps your room cooler in summer. The insulation provides an effective solar over-heating barrier.
  • Increases the value of your home. Having your attic room insulated improves your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating, which you will need to provide if you come to sell your home. It will also allow you to declare your loft conversion as approved living space.  
  • Preserves the environment. Having your attic room insulated will reduce your carbon emissions, as you will not require as much heating.

WAttic Room Insulationhen converting your loft area into liveable space, it is important that the space you are expanding into is sufficiently insulated, as your roof is a key place for heat loss.

Insulation ensures your home retains its heat, which will reduce your need to heat your home. Consequently, you will see a significant decrease in your fuel bills.

The SuperQuilt insulation that Solarwall uses has the additional benefit of a solar over-heating barrier, which helps to keep your roof room cooler in the summer.

Roof rooms built prior to 2003 are unlikely to meet current building regulations, which have become stricter in recent years. Loft conversions must now be insulated with a 270mm thick layer of insulation.

If you have any questions, our Frequently Asked Questions page may be of help to you.

The Installation Process

  1. On sloping areas, we will apply two layers of insulated foil quilt, with appropriate air gaps.
  2. On internal and dwarf walls, we will fit a single layer of insulated foil quilt or, where possible, these areas will be insulated within the roof void.
  3. Any uninsulated external walls will be fitted with a single layer of insulated foil quilt.
  4. All installation will be finished in painted plaster board with a plastic jointing trim.
  5. Any skirtings and window boards will be removed and refitted or replaced.
  6. Any dormer window sides and tops will be insulated with a single layer of insulated foil quilt.

Our attic room insulation is building legislation approved, applied for by Solarwall. A certificate will be issued to you upon completion of the work.

If you are interested in attic room insulation or require more information, please contact us - you can speak to one of our Energy Team, who are trained to offer you the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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