Frequently Asked Questions - Insulation

Frequently Asked Questions

About Cavity Wall Insulation

What is a cavity wall?

The external walls of most houses are constructed of two masonry walls with a cavity (gap) of at least 50mm (2”) between the two. Properties built after 1920 typically have a cavity wall construction. A free survey will determine whether your house is suitable.

What type of insulation do you use?

We use breathable mineral wool, as this enables you to retain the airflow around your cavities to ensure your property stays damp free.

How is cavity wall insulation installed?

Cavity wall insulation is injected by drilling holes in the external wall through the mortar joints. These holes are generally 22mm in diameter and are “made good” after injection. Each hole is approximately 1.22 meters apart starting from the bottom.

What about the ventilators in the external wall?

Our technicians carry out full internal checks before they start to ensure that ventilators that supply combustion air to fuel burning appliances are of the correct specification and we will upgrade or replace them where necessary

About Loft Insulation

How is the insulation laid?

To ensure maximum thermal efficiency, the insulation is laid in two layers: the first layer between the joists and the second layer across the joists.

Can I still use my loft for storage?

Items may still be stored in your loft by adding extra battens and loft boards to raise the storage area above the insulation depth.

What about my tanks and pipes?

As part of professionally installed loft insulation and in accordance with grant requirements, all pipes and tanks are checked to make sure they are insulated. If they are not, Solarwall will insulate them.

About Solid Wall Insulation

Does it involve major building works?

External insulation will be quite disruptive, but it is ideal if you are considering a major refurbishment of a solid wall property or you need to replace the render of a property.

Internal insulation is only fitted to the inside skin of external walls and the installation is a less intrusive process, as the insulation is only 10mm thick and application is similar to wallpapering.

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