The Energy Centre


Wonder what a heat pump sounds like?

Want to see how solar photovoltaic panels are fixed to your roof?

Looking to "go green" or reduce your fuel bills, but not sure what the best solution would be for you?

Our Energy Centre - comprising our showroom and carbon neutral conference room - has been developed to allow you to make an informed decision when considering the future of your home.

Demonstrating and demystifying renewable technologies, our showroom is equipped with a range of fully operating energy saving and renewable products that heat and power the centre and our offices. Because we have absolute confidence and belief in the products that we offer, our centre is heated by our very own air source heat pump, our hot water is provided by our solar thermal panels, and much of our electricity is generate by our solar photovoltaic panels.

The technologies we have to show you include:

Our Energy Team

At the Energy Centre, our highly-qualified Energy Team are available to analyse your home, assess your personal situation and requirements, and recommend to you solution that could save you money - and contribute towards reducing our collection carbon footprint. This service is completely non-obligational. Our Energy Team have thorough knowledge of our products and services and the funding schemes that could be of advantage to you.

Our conference room

Our conference room, where we frequently deliver bespoke renewable technology seminars and workshops, is totally carbon-neutral. Easily accessible and with free parking, our conference room offers:

Our conference room provides the ideal environment for you to make an astute decision with complete clarity.

Mobile Energy Centre

Our Mobile Energy Centre tours the region, bringing information, advice and funding support straight to you. It is equipped with the latest renewable and energy saving technologies and our Energy Team will be available to demonstrate and explain them. We can be found at various locations; a list of upcoming events is available here

Map of where Solarwall isFinding us

The Energy Centre is open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm at our Solarwall Office.

Green Lane Trading Estate, Clifton, York, YO30 5PY

Bookings can be made by calling 01904 690824.

For more information, or a free, no obligation quote call us on 0800 138 0079

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